Update 2.0.1

This update fixes TGM activation class XSS vulnerability.

More info can about security issue can be found on ThemeForest – Security Vulnerability Affecting WordPress Plugins and Themes.

Update 2.0

This update brings some of the most requested features:

  • Fully responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Projects, sliders and project types
  • Translatable and compatible with WPML – .pot files included
  • RTL support
  • All additional features (custom post types, taxonomies, widgets) are in separate plugin providing easy theme switch
  • New customization settings in Theme Customizer – buttons and boxes styling
  • Social networks links
  • Buttons shortcode

Upgrading to 2.0 version

To be inline with the current WordPress development practices, theme got some structural changes which requires some work on customer’s side. As a precaution, always make a backup of your current site before upgrading to be completely safe.

  • Take note of widgets positions and order. Some sidebar areas are removed and that can cause wrong positions.
  • Upload theme to your wp-content/themes/ folder and activate it.
  • Install and activate required plugins.
  • Update Permalinks by clicking “Save changes” button in Settings -> Permalinks.
  • Create a page for news/blog and set it as Posts page in Settings -> Reading.
  • Set “Top menu” position for the Menu in Appearance -> Menus. Update menu if needed.
  • Add projects and project types. This is the most consuming part of the upgrade process as it is needed to recreate all portfolio posts.
  • Add sliders for the home page.

Update 1.5

Long awaited update is here and brings code optimizations and new features.

  • Refactored core according to the WordPress best practices
  • Various optimizations (deprecated functions removed, pre 3.0 support removed)
  • IE6, IE7, IE8 support drop
  • XHMTL -> HTML5
  • All main graphics recreated with CSS
  • Scripts updated to latest versions
  • Theme Customizer
  • Logo upload
  • Favicon upload
  • Google webfonts
  • Custom colors
  • Print style
  • Home page template
  • New documentation


Upgrading to v1.5

Due to the various improvements of WordPress itself as well as some performance and code optimizations, some things have changed from the previous theme versions. Therefore if you want to upgrade theme to v1.5 version here are the needed steps:

  • The widgets will automatically move to different widget areas duo to the new default widget area. You will need to move them to appropriate places so take a note of the current setup before you upgrade.
  • The page templates will need to be selected again per page.
  • Create new page with “Home” template if you want to keep your current home page.

Please take a note that Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 support is dropped and if you need to support these versions do not upgrade to v1.5 version.

Update 1.4

Update 1.4 brings support for WordPress 3.0. The theme is backward compatible with WordPress 2.9 but I highly encourage you to upgrade to WordPress 3.0+ version as theme setup is much easier, only 4 steps! The new custom menus are supported and there is support for Google Analytics as well (or any other script/html that you want to add before end of the page). There is also jquery.easing plugin file permission fix that was causing trouble with slider.

  • WordPress 3.0 compatible (backward compatibily with 2.9)
  • New Custom Menus support
  • 4 steps setup in WP 3 .0
  • Google Analytics support or any other script that you want before the end of the page
  • jQuery Easing file permission fix

Update 1.3

Update 1.3 addresses some issues with blog category setup, adds option to display comments on portfolio posts and brings several small css fixes.

  • Easier theme setup
  • Option to select page that will be used as main portfolio link
  • Option to turn on comments on portfolio post types
  • Option to change “Continue reading” text for buttons

Update 1.2

Here is a list of what has been changed in v1.2 update:

  • Full width slider images (780×245px)
  • Option to select fade or turn-up slider transition effect
  • Option to choose your own blog category (with your custom name)
  • Option to rename “Home” link in top navigation bar
  • Added latest versions of jQuery (1.4.1) and FancyBox (1.3.0)
  • Various small css changes

If you already bought the theme, you just need to re-download it again to get the newest version.

Update 1.1

I’m very happy to announce update v1.1 for Small Business Theme. This update brings much needed features for further customization of the theme.

New features in v1.1

  • About, Services and Contact boxes are widgetized.
  • New widgetized footer area.
  • All widgets have options for changing title and number of displayed posts.
  • Now it is possible to add same widget multiple times.
  • Option for disabling default portfolio feature. This is useful if your portfolio doesn’t have categories.
  • Portfolio page template. This template is used when you disable default portfolio feature and it will display all your portfolio posts. Advantage of using this template is that you can set position of your portfolio link in top menu.
  • Option to change default “Portfolio” title in the top menu.
  • Various small css changes

If you already bought the theme, you just need to re-download it again to get the newest version.