The Peacock’s Complaint

A peacock was very unhappy with his ugly voice, and he spent most of his days complaining about it. “It is true that you cannot sing,” said the fox, “But look how beautiful you are!” “Oh, but what good is all this beauty,” moaned the dishearten bird, “with such an unpleasant voice!” “Oh hear,” said … read more

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There once was a boy who kept sheep not far from the village. He would often become bored and to amuse himself he would call out, “Wolf! Wolf,” although there was no wolf about. The villagers would stop what they were doing and run to save the sheep from the wolf’s jaw. Once they arrived … read more

The Wolf and the Crane

A wolf ravished his prey one day. He ate so fiercely and hungrily that a bone got lodged in his throat, causing him grievous pain. He howled and howled in agony and offered a rich reward to anyone who could remove the bone. A crane passing by considered the money, and after seeing the wolf … read more